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GoDaddy is Going to Raise Domain Price Soon

VeriSign increases wholesale prices on domain registrations every year. From January 15, 2012, Verisign will increase the price for .com domain by 7% and for .net by 7%.

As a result, domain registrars are planning to increase domain price. Namecheap released on their website that they will increase domain price from January 14. It wil be $10.46 for a .COM/NET domain. Enom, and other registrars will raise their domain prices too. And most of them may raise their prices by more than Verisign.

GoDaddy is going to increase domain price this month. I sent them an email to ask them about the price increase and got the response containing no details :

Yes, our prices will increase this month. However, we will continue to offer discounts commensurate with the offers currently available, and some that are even deeper.

This is the time to check up your domains, the use coupon codes to register or renew for multiple years and lock in savings at lower prices.