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Host a Website on Home PC?

I’ve heard that someone wants to host his site on a server/computer at home instead of signing up with a hosting company. Is it possible? Yes, this can be done. You can run Apache on your PC at home, use a (free) dynamic dns service to have request forwarded to your PC.

But there are problems you need to concern first:

1. ISPs usually offer home users a very limited upload speed (from your PC to the web). It’s much slower than the download speed (from you to the sites on the web). So the experiences of your visitors will be very poor.

2. You need to keep your PC on 100% of the time. So you need to pay for the electric bills.

3.You need to be able to maintance your server. You’ll need to fix the problems when they occur.

4. You will need to able to deal with the risks from the net since there’re threats from other sites/persons.

On the other hand, web hosts can offer more bandwidth and faster loading speed than you can offer on home server. They usually have professionals for maintance and top hosts usually offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. The cost of a budget host is only several bucks one month.