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How to Backup Your Website on Vista Panel?

As a webmaster, you may need to create and maintain your backups. Below is a basic guide how to make a full backup of your website which is using Vista Panel.

A full backup is a backup of both all website files and the MySQL databases which are required for a complete restoration of your account.

Step 1: File Backups

1) Connect to your website via FTP .

2) Find the HTDOCS folder you wish to backup.

3) Download the HTDOCS folder to your home computer and keep it in a safe place.

Step 2: MySQL Database Backups

1) Login to VistaPanel.

2) Open phpMyAdmin

3) Connect to the database you wish to backup.

4) Click the EXPORT tab.

5) Select all your tables from the list

6) Click zipped compression at the bottom.

7) Click the Go button.