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How To Install WordPress Easily?

WordPress is the most popular blog script. It’s easy to install, you can find the guide of installation on the WordPress official site. However, the guide may be a little complicated for beginners. So I’d like to introduce the installation in a simple way.

  1. Download the WordPress package, if you haven’t already.
  2. Create a database for WordPress on your server. You need to setup the database name, user name and password during the progress.
  3. Upload the WordPress zip package into the root directory of your web server. (Unzip the file if needed since the server may do this automatically during uploading progress).
  4. Visit the domain name you set for the site, then the progress of  installation will run automatically.
  5. Enter the info of the database you’ve created. i.e. host name which you can find on your hosting account, and database name / database user name / password you set before.

That’s all for installation. Then you can choose a theme, install plugins as you need  to make your site powerful.