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Smoothly Transfer a Website Without Interruptions

As a webmaster, you may need to change the web host sometimes. How to transfer a site to a new host smoothly without downtime? Below are some tips:

  1. Find a good web host that meets your needs.
  2. Backup and download the whole site (files and databases) on the current host.
  3. Transfer the backups to the new host. Set up the database on the new server.
  4. Test the site on the new server. Make sure it works perfectly.
  5. Change the database settings on your site so that the site on the old server accesses the database on the new server.
  6. Check if any file/database need to be updated.
  7. Change the name servers/DNS records to point the domain to the new server.

It may take several hours to 1 day for the DNS to finish the update worldwide. Visitors can access the site either on the old host or on the new one during this period. So they will not be affected by the transition.