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Tag: Shared Hosting

What Does Web Hosting Cost?

What does web hosting cost? It is difficult to give an exact answer. The cost of web hosting may range from nothing to hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, there are different items that affect the cost of a web hosting. The type of web hosting you choose, the plan you need, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you use will all help determine web hosting costs.

How to Choose the Right Type of Web Hosting?

There are different types of web hosts available on the net. Choosing a suitable type of web hosting is essential for your website. Here are the major factors:

What type of scripting language do you want to use on the site, PHP, or ASP? For PHP sites, you need to go for Linux hosting; for ASP, what you need is a Windows host. Also you can refer to What’s the Difference Between Windows and Linux Hosting?