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What Does Web Hosting Cost?

What does web hosting cost? It is difficult to give an exact answer. The cost of web hosting may range from nothing to hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, there are different items that affect the cost of a web hosting. The type of web hosting you choose, the plan you need, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you use will all help determine web hosting costs.

So you need to look at all the wide variety of features to decide. This article offers some sample pricing information for some of the major types, plans and details of hosting; it may help you get a suitable web hosting for your website.

Types of Web Hosting

The first thing you need to do when buying a web hosting is to choose a type of web hosting that may meet your need. Here are some of the major types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS (virtual private servers)
  • Dedicated servers

If there is no label telling you what kind of hosting is involved in a plan, it’s probably shared hosting. The owners of many personal sites and some Commercial sites choose shared hosting. The prices of shared hosting range from $3/month on up to $20+/month.

Reseller hosting provide you with tools and support needed to start your own web hosting business. If you’re a web developer or entrepreneur, you can start hosting clients by choosing this type of hosting. The prices of this type may range from $20+/month up to $100/month.

The VPS (Virtual private servers) hosting is a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. The prices start at around $15/month up to $200/month.

Having a dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed and uptime. Dedicated servers can range from $80/month on up into the thousands depending on configurations.

Hosting Plans

Web hosting companies often offer several plans of each type of hosting, from least expensive to most. Here are some of the plan names:

  • Hatchling/Baby/Business
  • Economy/Deluxe/Premium
  • Expert/Business/Unlimited
  • Starter/Standard/Professional

You may not select a hosting plan only according to its name. In general, it’s important to look at the features and find out that the plan will fit your needs and also there’s the room for growth. Although, if a web host tailored its names to different types of need (e.g., personal, eCommerce, etc.), then it might be worth taking note.

In any case, it’s generally true that the longer increments you pay for, the less you are likely to pay in overall web hosting cost.

Hosting Features

Here are the major features of web hosting:

  • Web space
  • Bandwidth
  • Supported features (MySQL databases, PHP5, Ruby, SSH, etc.)
  • Online tools (FTP tools, site builder, application installer, backups, etc.)
  • Domain, Email
  • Control panel
  • Ecommerce features (dedicated IP, SSL, etc.)
  • Support and guarantees

Every web hosting has its detailed features. So it’s better for you to look into those features to make some comparisons before making a decision.